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Meditation Improves Your Health and Wellbeing

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Stress, anxiety, and fatigue are feelings that many of us experience every day. With all of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s hard to find a minute to simply stop and breathe. Unfortunately, not taking time out of your day to relax and calm down can further increase all of the negativity around you—causing illness and even strain in your relationships. It’s important to take care of your body, as well as your mind. Otherwise, you may find yourself in poor condition, both mentally and physically.


The benefits of a daily meditation practice are truly amazing, ranging from a boost in your immune system to a happier outlook on life. And that is why the Masters at all the Academy of Self-Defense schools in Akron, Twinsburg, and Mayfield Heights encourage everyone to learn and practice some form of meditation.


Meditation has a long history of providing peace and clarity to those who practice this form of enlightened fitness. Simply taking time to sit, breathe, and relax without distraction helps one to become more in tune with the body. While many believe that taking a bike ride or reading a book gives them the quiet time they need to calm down and rejuvenate, there is just no substitute for proper meditation. Many people who have heard about meditation believe that it is good for controlling stress. While this is true, there are so many more benefits of daily meditation practice. With time and practice the body begins to heal itself more easily from sickness and disease.  Meditation practice creates a persistent calming and balancing affect upon the emotions.  People tend not to be overwhelmed enabling them to respond rather than react to emotional situations.  Practitioners tend to be more accepting of their life situations producing an overall happier outlook.


Sitting quietly and putting your attention on breathing is a good start.  But, if you're interested in daily meditation you should seek out a qualified instructor and learn a meditation technique.  There are many forms of meditation practices, some more effective than others.  The most effective meditation practice is the one that fits your lifestyle, time allotted, and the one you can dedicate yourself to practice.  Some commonly available practices are:  Mindfulness Meditation, a moving meditation like T’ai Chi Ch’uan or Yoga, or a quiet seated meditation like Transcendental Meditation (TM).


The Academy of Self-Defense teaches Martial Art Mindfulness and T’ai Chi Ch’uan techniques in their martial art classes.  It’s simply part of our curriculum when you enroll.  Kids and adults learn these very important and life-enhancing skills in all our classes.  Contact us at:


Akron:  (330) 814-5058

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