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There are many people who like the idea of taking part in a martial art school that challenges the mind and body, and enlivens the spirit. However, since facilities can differ greatly in terms of approach, it’s best to look at school’s student reviews prior to enrolling. To make things easier for those who are interested in martial arts training, The Academy of Self-Defense schools makes student testimonials readily available. After reading just some of the comments students have submitted about their time at The Academy of Self-Defense, you’ll notice several recurring themes.


  • “When I was looking for a martial art program for my children, The Academy of Self-Defense stood out above other schools I considered.”
  • “As a former boxer, my martial training at The Academy of Self-Defense has opened a whole new perspective on keeping in shape and executing proper self-defense techniques.”
  • “Their whole-person approach to exercise, engaging the body, mind, and spirit in every one of their programs was exactly what I needed to be satisfied with my workouts.”

Unlike other schools of its kind, The Academy of Self-Defense offers a wide range of self-defense, T’ai Chi, Minna Jiu-Jitsu, Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Aikido classes that are designed to help participants achieve a Black Belt in all aspects of their lives!


Since this establishment is home to a senior staff of instructors who have become Masters in their discipline, it comes as no surprise to learn that The Academy of Self-Defense has a history of attracting Black Belts from other systems of martial arts. Though their experience varies, they all have something in common; The Academy of Self-Defense has allowed them to continue on their journey and achieve more than they ever thought they could.


“I am now in my 5th year of training under Master Loomis at the Academy of Self-Defense. I never really considered that well into my 50s I would be continuously learning at ever-deeper levels. It is challenging both mentally and physically, yet I feel stronger, faster, smoother, more powerful, more efficient, and more effective than at any time in my life. In fact, my training has helped me significantly in two other sports, one being highly physically and mentally challenging.”

K.L.  (background:  2nd Degree Black Belt Minna Jiu-Jitsu)


”This school has taken me from a very rigid way of moving and performing martial arts, and provided excellent instruction in the internal aspects so that I am no longer as limited in my choices of movement and how I handle self-defense situations.”

K.M.  (background:  Isshyn-Ryu, 3rd Degree Black Belt, Tai Chi for Ten Years)


“The knowledge and experience I have and will accumulate will undoubtedly make me a better martial artist and better prepared for the many dangers of life. Master Loomis is extremely experienced in martial arts, and is able to efficiently and effectively answer any and all of my questions, which I find to be essential to a growing martial artist. In addition to the very practical training, the reason why I stick around is simply because I love experiencing this new martial art and all it has to offer.”

A.P.  (background:  Taekwondo, 2nd Degree Black Belt)


People of all ages who have never taken any self-defense or T’ai Chi classes prior to enrolling at The Academy of Self-Defense are also impressed with the instructors and the structure of the courses, as well as the atmosphere. Adults and children can benefit tremendously from martial arts training, especially if they’re able to learn within a safe, encouraging environment. Those who feel they’re not getting enough out of their current classes can also enroll at The Academy of Self-Defense in order to get the one-on-one attention they deserve.


“I like when every kid gets personal attention from the instructors. My son is really enjoying the class and games. It is a very good way to enhance body and mind. Thank you for everything you do for our kids.”



As showcased in the martial art school reviews below, The Academy of Self-Defense goes above and beyond to ensure that families are welcomed and given the instruction they need.


“What keeps us involved is the quality of training and a family-friendly environment that fosters camaraderie.”

R.W.  (background: Shaolin Kung Fu, 5th Degree Black Sash)


“I've been a member of The Academy of Self-Defense for about 4 months. Deciding to train in martial arts has proven to be a remarkable experience for me. Master Timothy Loomis has been a great teacher and a great mentor to me. His teachings have helped me understand the meaning of life and knowing the true value of appreciation.”

M.W.  (update:  M.W. is now a Black Belt and assistant instructor)


“Tim and my fellow Tai Chi students have made the introduction one of the nicest experiences I’ve ever had.  Everyone reaches out to help you every step of the way. In the short time I’ve been practicing Tai Chi I feel not only physically stronger but more mentally fit as well. I leave every class feeling better then when I arrived.”



“The Academy provides a wonderful avenue for families to share a common platform for fun martial arts experience, and fitness. The children and the adult Jiu-Jitsu classes have great instructors with patience and dedication. Master Tim, Master “C” and the whole teaching staff play an important role in all the classes incorporating the classic techniques to every day practices. I would definitely recommend the Academy of Self-Defense schools to anyone.” 



“Our son has sequencing, motor control and dyslexia issues.  We have seen more progress after working in this class for 6 months than we have in over a year of occupational therapy.  Our son is starting to ‘get’ left and right; which is wonderful to see. Plus, he’s starting to learn how to work hard instead of giving up.”    (update:  this young man attained his Black Belt)



There are dozens of other martial art school reviews like these, which just goes to show how much students appreciate the work that the staff members at The Academy of Self-Defense schools have put into their facilities. Ultimately, the choice to participate in one of the self-defense or T’ai Chi programs at The Academy of Self-Defense is up to you. However, you can feel confident that enrolling in martial arts training at these NE Ohio local facilities will prove to be life-changing.


“In conclusion, whether you're a seasoned martial artist or a beginner, The Academy of Self-Defense is one of the best places to learn martial arts and to better yourself as a martial artist and a person.”

A.P.  (background: Taekwondo, 2nd Degree Black Belt)


The Academy of Self-Defense operates three schools in NE Ohio:


The Akron Academy of Self-Defense:  (330) 814-5058

The Twinsburg Academy of Self-Defense:  (330 237-9594

The Mayfield Academy of Self-Defense:  (440) 409-6954

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