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Si Gung Vincent D. Gentiluomo, Martial Arts Instructor

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Kids Martial Arts near 1220 E Tallmadge Ave, Akron

Si Gung Vincent D. Gentiluomo

Chiropractic Physician
Si Gung Shaolin Kung Fu
Spiritual Teacher, Entrainer

Biographical Information:

Practice Chiropractic and adjunctive techniques since 1979

President N.O.A.C. 1991 and board member for 13 years

International Practitioner since 1994

Certified Acupuncturist 1978

Martial Artist since March 1968 / Teaching 1969 Chi Kung formally since 1969

Tai Chi 1973

Nine (9) black belts in four (4) different styles

T.M. 1973

Sudarshan Kriya 1992

Sahaj Samadhi Meditation 2002

Academic Achievements:
Cuyahoga Community College 1970-72 (part-time)
Kent State University 1972-75
Chiropractic Medical School, National College of Chiropractic (9/75-12/78)

Bachelor of Science in Human Biology
Diplomat of National Boards Basic& Clinical Sciences
Doctor of Chiropractic
Certified Acupuncturist

Colorado licensed to practice Chiropractic and Acupuncture
Illinois licensed to practice Chiropractic and Acupuncture
Ohio licensed to practice Chiropractic

Accredited License Renewal Seminars (courses attended):
The following 2 lists of seminars were compiled in 2005. Therefore there are many seminars, which are not listed, as the records are currently unavailable.

12-81    Diagnoses, Classification and Treatment of Low Back Pain
01-82    Disability Impairment Rating
03-82    Disability Impairment Rating II
05-82    Radiology & Clinical Research
10-82    Clinical Nutrition
12-82    Lumbar Spine Symposiums
02-83    Cerv. Shld. Arm Hand Synd.
05-83    Spinal X-rays & Nautilus
05-83    LBP Syndrome & Motion Palpation
01-85    Clinical Spinal Mechanics
01-87    Spinal Disability Evaluation
01-89    Closed Lumbar Distraction/Reduction Technique
1992     Network Spinal Analysis
01-97    Applied Kinesiology Extremity Adjusting
01-99    Applied Physiology
01-00    The Patients Point of View
08-01    Chiropractic Seminar
09-01    Tensegrity Therapy I
11-01    Matrix Repaterning
12-01    Tensegrity Therapy Advanced
01-02    Chiropractic Risk Management
07-02    10 Step Protocol to Wellness
03-03    Effective Herbal & Nutritional Integration
01-04    Management Detoxification & Weight Loss
04-05    Neuromuscular Reeducation Technique
12-06    Applied Nutrition for the Health Professional
12-07    Applied Nutrition for the Health Professional II

Non-Accredited Courses (courses attended):

Various Applied Kinesiology/Cranial Sacral postgraduate courses/Chiropractic School (1976 – 1978)
Assistant teacher in Applied Kinesiology postgraduate courses while in Chiropractic School 1977
Professional Development Seminars 1980
Laetrile & Cancer, Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn MD. 1980
Acupuncture (post graduate) 1981
Various Nutritional classes (1978 – present)
Nutrition Classes & consultation with Dr. Harry Eidener Jr. (1979 – present)
Network Chiropractic Training (NSA), 1991- present
Ayer Vedic Physician Training Course (I & II), May 1994
Somatic Respiratory Integration, (SRI) from NSA – Summer 2001
Tensegrity Sept – Dec 2001
Level 1 Network Spinal Analysis Certification June 23 2002
Refresher courses in Brim halls Applied Kinesiology & 10 Step Protocol June & Sept 2002
Level 2 & 3 Network Spinal Analysis Certification 2005
SomatoRespiratory Integration advanced course with Network Spinal Analysis August 2006
Healing in Paradise Reorganizational Entrainments January 3-7 2007
Ultima Reorganizational Entrainments January 10-17 2007

Professional Affiliations:

Board member of Northeast Ohio Academy of Chiropractic (NOAC) 1980-1994
President N.O.A.C. 1991 and board member for 13 years
Chairman of Public Relations and Legislative committees
Director of Insurance committee
Secretary of the NOAC
A.C.A.  International Academy of Nutritional Consultants
American Council of Chiropractic Neurology
A.C.A. Council of Roentgenology and Nutrition
Council of Diagnosis and Internal Disorders
International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture
National College Alumni Association
National Academy of Research Biochemists

Public Lectures:Radio:
Presented the role of Chiropractic in the health care delivery system and answered questions concerning specific problems of the listening audience WERE 1300 AM.
Hosted weekly “Back Talk” shows from May 1991 through August 1991 and July 1992
Cleveland Area broadcast with Bill Gordon January 10, 1983
Cleveland Area broadcast with Norma Joseph October 29, 1982
Discussed the intricacies of Spinal disorders and Chiropractic.
Scott Newell 1985 (WNBC/TV)
Lynn Sheldon 1984 (WUAB/TV)
Dorothy Fuldheim 1984 (WABC/TV)
Guest Lecturer:
Podiatric Medical School 1984
Several hospital staffs throughout India including New Delhi, Bombay, Hyderabad 1999-2004

Professional Development:

Associateship at 2 locations Cleveland area 1979
Privately owned Chiropractic and Clinical Nutrition Practice Lyndhurst 1980-1995 (semi-retired 1995)
Developed Productive Energy Program (PEP) 1993 (see below)
Practiced Chiropractic in India periodically since 1994 – 2004
Developed Holistic Integrative Healing Health Systems 1998
Developed 1st & 2nd Meruchikitsa Basic Course (Indian Chiropractic) in India Nov. 2000 – Apr. 2001
Instructed Meruchikitsa teacher, 3rd Basic Course Jan.- Mar. 2002
Instructed 4th & 5th Meru & 1st Cranial Sacral Course – India Oct. – Dec. 2004
Developed Cerebral Spinal Integration 2006
MEDITATION and BREATH WORK (courses attended):

1973  Tai Chi, moving meditation, Transcendental Meditation (T.M.), Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
1974  Astral Travel T. Lobsang Rampa
1975  Intensified one-month residence course, T. M. Science of Creative Intelligence’s
1976  Silva Mind Control
1977  1st Advanced T. M. Technique
1978  Patangali’s Yoga Sutras, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
1980 – 1993 Sponsor Charlie Lutes SRM lectures
1984  2nd Advanced T. M. Technique
1987  T. M. Psychophysiological and Primordial Sound Techniques, Deepak Chopra M.D.
1986 – 1992 Attend Jan Williams  “Dharmic” lectures
1988  T.M. Siddhi’s checked, T. M. Primordial Sound Course, Deepak Chopra M.D.
3rd Advanced T. M. Technique
1989  T.M. Ayer Vedic Neuro-Respiratory, Aroma & Marma Tech
1990 4th Advanced T. M. Technique, 2nd Primordial Sound Course, Deepak Chopra M.D.
1991  Joytish – TM Dharmic Chart  & Gem Analyses, 5th Advanced TM Technique
1992  2nd Pulse Diagnosis Ayer Vedic, 3rd Primordial Sound Technique, Chopra
1992  Sudarshan Kriya East Indian Pranic program, 6th & 7th Advanced TM Technique
1993  Advanced T. M. techniques checked
Sudarshan Kriya, Advanced Residence Courses and Others as Noted (courses attended):

1992  Lake Geneva, WI. Montreal Canada  Devan, WI.
1993  Lake Geneva, WI
1994  Switzerland, India, Pittsburgh, PA Montreal Canada Phase I teacher course
1995  Wildwood Fla. Montreal Switzerland
1996  California Phase II teacher course, India, Switzerland (Guru Puja training)
1997  Montreal
1998  Atlanta India
1999  Lake Geneva, WI
2000  India (6 months)
2002  Sahaj Samadhi Meditation, Rishikesh, India, Cleveland, Montreal
2003  Montreal January, Cleveland April
2004  India Navaratri Taught 3 courses of Meru Chikitsa and Cranial Sacral Nov.-Dec.
2005 Guru Puja review course Washington DC with Guruji’s sister Bhanu
2006 Oneness University Diksha Facilitator Level 1, 21 day (Jan. 6 – 26), Course Began Diksa workshops Cleveland OH, March 12 – Total of 16 in 2006 + weekly Diksa. Weekly Puja and Diksa, 25th Silver Jubilee Art of Living Bangalore India Feb.; Guru Purnima & advanced Puja course, San Francisco Art of Living Jun.,  Sai Ma, Diksa training and entrainments 4/15 & 9/9 Indianapolis IN
2007 SriRoniji’s workshop Raleigh N.C. April 20 – 22 Ohio March 23/25, 3rd Sai Ma, Diksa training and entrainments Columbus March 30-31, Mother Meera Chicago May 2/3, Karunamayi Jun. 2-3 Columbus, OH, SAI Ma Syracuse N.Y. Jun. 5, L.A. Oneness Conference Jun. 14-17, Guruji Philly Yagya, AOL Jul. 7-8, Level 2, 10-day Deepening, Oneness Movement Sep. 16-26, Darshan with Siva Shakti Ma, Tiru India Sep. 29th
Redevelopment of Recent PEP/GAP/GEM+ Lectures/Workshops/Life Courses:
Redevelopment of PEP courses Jan./Feb. 2006 and GAP/(GEM+) 2007.  Previous PEP/GAP courses before 2006 are not listed. Weekly group entrainment sessions not listed. Various national and international phone Entrainment/PEP/GAP sessions not listed
PEP/GAP National and International courses noted since 2006
These are courses developed and refined through out the decades
Martial Arts Classes Attended and Taught (noted):

1968 Minna Jui-Jitsu begin date
1969 Instructor Minna Jui-Jitsu as brown belt assistant
1971 Received rank of Sho-Dan (1st degree black belt), Minna Jui-Jitsu, and Master Frank F. Kovacs
1972-75 Co founder and Instructor Kent State University Minna Jui -Jitsu class
1972 Sho-Dan (1st degree Black Belt) Shorin-Ru Karate
1972-73 Kung-Fu Shaolin Kwon Ying Tao
1973 Short form Tai-Chi Chuan
1973-75 Training Weapons-Staff, Sai and Nun-Chucks – 1st degree Black Belt in Bo Jitsu
1974 Ni-Dan (2nd degree black belt) Minna Jui – Jitsu, Standard form Tai Chi
Worked out in Ishin-Ru Karate, learned several Weapons Kata’s
1975 78 Trained in Sacred Yang Tai Chi.  Worked out in Aikido for a short period of time throughout the years, including seminars with Master Tuhei of Aikido Ki Society
1979-80 Rare Linear Paqua Style and Shoalin Kung Fu
1984-90 Shoalin Kwon Ying Tao, Hong Sing School
1985 Instructor of Tai Chi and Chi Kung to Black Belts of various styles
1986-90 Instructor of Kwon Ying Tao, Hong Sing
1989 Instructor of Paqua Hong Sing Instructors class
1991 Evaluated and awarded equivalent rank in the World Hung Loy Kung Fu Association of Master 5th degree Black Sash by Grand Master John R. Custer
1993 Paqua training with Sifu Nick Gracenin for approximately 1 year
1984- 2006 –  Instruction to Black Belts in various styles of Chi Kung, Meditation, among other disciplines
2002 – 2004 Various Tai Chi, Paqua & Chi Kung training – Siu fu Mark Pringle
2004 – present Teaching various aspects of Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Qigong, and Paqua seminars upon request.
Special Chi Kung (Qigong) Accomplishments (noted), and miscellaneous programs attended:
1969 Developed Tapping in Technique, (originally 6 years old)
1975 Developed (Yin) Iron Transference Palm
1976 Developed Non- contact transfer Dim Mak Technique
Contact transfer Dim Mak Technique
1985 Instructor for Black Belt class Tai Chi/ Qigong
Iron Vest (body program)
1986 Iron Palm (Yang) (hand program)
1987 Monk exercises (18 Lohans of Ta Mo), Muscle Tendon Change exercise (Ta Mo), Chi Kung Intensified Program – 9 month course
Nine Times Body Power Program, “Iron Thread” – increase Chi by multiples of three
1988 Developed teaching Chi Transfer program – palm, fist, etc to Chi Kung/Tai Chi Class
Developed Aura Visual Analysis/Chi Kung class
Master Mantak Chia Healing Tao – began Microcosmic Orbit, Inner Smile, Six Sounds, Healing Love, Iron Shirt I
Dianetic auditing
Mantak Chias (short form) Tai Chi and Fusion I
1989 Hsing – l Seminar with Hsing -I Master, Mantak Chia Buddha Palm and Five Finger Kung Fu (Healing Hands), Began Advanced Iron Palm Big Hand Program
1990 Iron Shirt II Mantak Chia Seminar, Developed Advanced Instructors Class Hong Sing Kwon Ying Tao, Linear Paqua and Chi Kung, Correspondence Paqua Chang Chi Kung training Instructor Sifu Alan Johnson
1991 Ancient Russian Chi Kung techniques with Master Valeria Biktashev
1993 Developed Self – Referral Meditation exercises, Developed Chi Kung Healing Hands Technique

Yoga Asana
Pranayama (Indian Breathing Exercises)
Buddhist Chi Kung Breathing (Chinese)
Taoist Chi Kung Breathing (Chinese)
Tantra & Taoist exercises


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